Tips for Securing Your Home Against Burglaries

Here at the Coral Springs locksmith pros, we mean it when we say that your safety is important to us. Naturally, safety starts at home. So in this article, we'll provide some great tips for protecting your home against burglaries.

Family in Front of House

Locksmiths know the importance of home security. And we all want you to take appropriate precautions and measures to ensure that you don’t fall victim to a break-in.

The first thing that you should know is that a typical burglar will spend about 60 seconds trying to access your premises. They use this time to scope out weak and easy entry points that will also allow them to remain in the shadows.

So your goal should be to make their goal as difficult as possible by taking simple measures to enhance the security of your home, and make the burglar decide to move on. Use these simple tips to help thwart the criminal's effort.

12 Home Security Tips

1. When you move from your current residence into a new home, you should change all the locks. The locks must be resilient to drilling and picking, and should contain patented key control. Also, purchase security locks with keys that need your permission to make a copy, to avoid easy duplication.

2. Install window locks in your home and always keep them locked, especially the ground floor windows.

3. Any building or sheds on your property should be secured with substantial padlocks or other appropriate locking systems.

4. All doors that allow entry and exit to/from your home should at least be outfitted with 5-lever deadlocks. For even greater security, consider installing solid wood or steel doors that cannot be easily penetrated. And with regard to the door's hinges, make sure that they are on the inside to make it doubly hard for intruders.

5. Don’t open your house door to strangers. I know it's common sense but many people neglect this advice. If you need to see who is at the door before opening it, think about installing a high-quality door chain lock, door limiter, or a door viewer.

6. Make sure your keys are not visible from outside. For example, don’t leave them on window ledges because burglars could simply break the glass and get the keys. Also, remember to remove the key from the lock once the door or window is opened.

7. Don’t hide your keys in obvious places like under welcome mats. This is probably the first place burglars will look --- welcome mats, potted plants, door frame ledges.

8. Don't put your name and address on your key tags. That's because if you lose your keys and they fall into the wrong hands, the thief will know exactly whose house to visit to steal their computers, jewelry, and other valuables.

9. Get a dog. Most dogs will bark even if they hear the slightest noise outside doors or windows. This can go a long way toward keeping burglars away or informing you or yours neighbor of something unusual.

10. Install pebbles and gravels in your driveway that should make enough crunching noise to alert you of the presence of vehicles. That may be just enough to deter a burglar. (Note: If possible, also install gravel around the windows of your home.)

11. When you leave your home for short durations, leave a light on to give the impression that someone might be home.

12. Get rid of any thick tree branches close to your home. This way the thief won't be able to crawl on the branch to your roof without being noticed. Similarly, clear all the dark areas around your yard because burglars can hide behind shrubs and trees as they attempt to access your home through windows.

So there you have 12 ways to make burglars think twice before attempting to break into your home. And if you're interested in installing high-quality locks or a security protection system in and around your home, call the Coral Springs locksmith pros at 954-874-8878. We'd love to help.