Types of Locks for Securing Businesses

business frontWhen it comes to protecting your property and business interests in Coral Springs, it's smart to install the right type of locks and locking systems. So in this article, you'll get an overview of some of the most common locks used to secure businesses. Naturally, you should contact a quality locksmith service in Coral Springs to make sure that you implement a solution that is perfect for your particular interests.

When looking at purchasing a lock for your business, there are an overwhelming number of options. But before you buy, it's important to consider a wide variety of door security factors so that you obtain the right solution. Here are 4 of the most common types of locks considered by business owners:


These are normally installed on external doors, and are available with more options than padlocks.
They come in three varieties; lockable thumb turn latch, double and single. Most American businesses use single cylinder deadbolts. They use a thumb turn latch on the inside to close or open the lock and a key cylinder on the outside.

A potential weakness of deadbolts is that the door can be opened using the thumb turn latch if it is attached to the exterior of the door. The solution to this issue is the double cylinder deadbolt which uses key cylinder on the outside and the inside of the door.

Lockable thumb turns is a hybrid type which features a thumb turn on the inside but it can be locked using a key so that it cannot unlock or lock the door. Deadbolt gives maximum security and flexibility in many situations.


Padlocks are the only type of locks that are not permanently attached to anything. They come in different sizes, and are portable.

There are two varieties of padlocks -- keyed and combination. Keyed padlocks have many options to consider. There are non-rekeyable and keyable padlocks. Non- rekeyable padlocks mean you cannot change its key.

Combination padlocks can have one or more numbers to dial and only open when the correct combination of numbers is entered.

A padlock can either be non-key retaining or key retaining. Non key retaining allows you to remove the key while its open but key retaining does not.

Lever Handle Locks

This type of lock is normally used in inner doors in business setups. It’s easy to open this lock because they have large push down handles. Lever handle locks can also be used for handicap accessibility. It’s important to measure the proper backset when purchasing this type of lock.

Knob Locks

With knob locks the lock cylinder is not in the door but in the knob itself. Ensure backset and proper handedness when purchasing a complete knob setup. They are normally installed on exterior doors together with deadbolts. It is opened by grasping the knob and turning it.

So there you have 4 common types of business-related locks. Of course, you can install the locks yourself if you have the proper tools and training. But if you don't, it best to call in a Coral Springs locksmith. This way you can be certain that the installation was done properly.

If you're seeking to install or upgrade the locks or security access for your Coral Springs business, we can help. Just give our locksmith service a call at 954-874-8878. We can discuss solutions and provide you with a free estimate.