Types of Padlocks

padlockHere at the Coral Springs locksmith pros, we endeavor to do as much as possible to help you keep your family and your possession safe and secure. So we like to offer ways to make that happen without breaking the bank.

So, in this article we'll cover one of the least costly ways to secure some of your valued possessions. I'm referring to padlocks. Currently, you can find a multitude of different padlocks in Coral Springs hardware stores or online.

But before discussing the specific types or categories, it's important to first give you an overview of the three main components that make up a padlock. The components include the shackle, body and locking system.

The metal loop part of the padlock is called the shackle. Whereas, the rectangular or square part of the padlock is the body. And as the name suggests, the part of the padlock where locking is done is called the locking mechanism or cylinder.

So if the question is how to choose the right padlock for securing something related to your home or office, here's an overview of your choices.

We will start with laminated padlocks. These padlocks are manufactured by combining different pieces of metals. The body of this type of padlock will be laminated with different types of metal pieces.

Next, you have lockout padlocks. These locks typically come in different colors and are often used in environments where safety is an issue. So the locks provide security on one hand, but they can also be labeled to include warnings, names, etc.

Weather resistant is another common padlock that can be found in hardware stores. This type of padlock is generally used outdoors. So if you're looking for a decent padlock that can be used in extreme weather conditions, feel free to choose weather resistant padlocks.

Generally speaking, weather resistant padlocks are made of stainless steel material to prevent corrosion from rain, snow, and other elements. Those in need of a padlock for house gates can certainly make use of this type.

Next, combination is another type of padlock. Users can make use of a rotary dial or series of buttons to lock and unlock this padlock. A twist on the combination padlock is one that also comes with a conventional key. In this case, the key and a combination are needed to lock and unlock the padlock.

Shrouded or guarded type is another good padlock. As the name suggests, the shrouded or guarded type padlock is one that only exposes a small portion of the shackle. Remember that the shackle is the top metal loop on the padlock. But when much of the loop is shrouded or covered, it makes it more difficult for someone to snap the shackle using bolt cutters.

Finally, high security padlocks use the best lock systems to store valuable items. High security type padlocks can be sub divided into different types like hardened steel shackle, shrouded shackle, pick resistant key cylinder, and anti-drill protection.

But regardless of which type of padlock sounds good to you, there are certain attributes that the best among them will share. So try and find a padlock that possesses as many of these qualities as possible:

  • A good hefty size - yes, it matters
  • A shackle that is made of a quality steel alloy or, even better, carbide. Padlocks labeled as hardened steel are not as strong.
  • A long key with lots of jags. A long jagged key will make it more difficult to pick the lock.
  • Good shrouding to make the shackle difficult to cut.
  • An anti-drill plate around the keyhole area.
  • Cylinder pins that are made of stainless steel. For example, a padlock with a 6-pin cylinder will be harder to pick than one with 4 pins. And if the padlock also has extra anti-pick or security pins, even better.

Just keep in mind that a quality padlock is only as good as the other elements being used to secure your valuables. For example, if's not going to do you much good to secure two doors with a $75 padlock and a $10 easy-to-cut link chain.

I hope you found this information to be useful. If you ever need a locksmith in Coral Springs, please give us a call at 954-874-8878.